Created by myself; (Katie) and partner; Ben, The Fairy House opened its doors in March 2017. Every week it transports families into a world of magic and wonder. Inspired by the imagination of children it forever evolves and transforms. 


Ben; Director and musician.

Works with the fairies to compose our original music and lighting design, bringing and exciting visual display to life.

Katie; Fairy House Founder (and human sister to the fairies)

I have a real love of sharing magic with the world and encouraging team work, care and kindness through the stories our fairies share with the children.


"Many years ago in the Fairytale Friends Forest  a family of fairies lived and played happily making magi wherever they went! Under a sorcerers spell, Fairy Katie was sent to the human world where he magic disappeared! Katie missed her fairy sifters and so she decided to build them a Fairy House where they could come and visit, to show children that fairy magic still existed in the world! When she awoke one morning, something amazing had happened! There were butterflies, flowers and trees everywhere! It was a message that her fairy sisters needed her help! She closed her eyes and made a wish: Fairy Blossom, Rosie, Sylvie, Violet! If you can hear me come quick! There are lost of girls and boys who believe in you. They can help you to save The Fairytale Friends Forest! "

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50 Webbs Road, Battersea, London. SW11 6SF

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