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The Fairy Houis a birthday party venue and event space designed to bring children an immersive and magical experience. It's home to a family of real life fairies who can't wait to meet you!

For 2 years Fairytale Friends has transported our fairies to birthday parties and events across London and beyond, bringing smiles to hundreds of children. Together with the help and creative expertise of my partner Ben, we've now moved forward to create The Fairy Treehouse; an intimate party venue uniquely designed to bring children an authentic and enchanting setting where they are completely immersed in the experience of meeting a real life fairy! 

We specialise in creating parties for smaller groups of children to provide a more personal and engaging atmosphere where everyone is drawn into the experience

Our birthday parties and events have lots of special touches with handwritten stories, composed music, handmade crafts and gifts. We really encourage our visitors imaginations to go on a journey of discovery with us into the land of fairies.

How do I know real fairies?

Can you keep a secret...

Many  years ago in a forest homed to most beautiful and magical creatures, an evil witch dwelled. She cast a spell over a family of faires,  banishing them to all parts of the forest so they could no longer make their magic together. The spell was even more powerful than the witch had thought and Fairy Katie was transported out of the forest and into the human world, her magical powers lost forever! She missed her fairy sisters so dearly that one day she decided to build them a place they could come visit her in London and to help her show the girls and boys there that fairy magic still existed in the world. When she awoke one morning something amazing had happened, there were butterflies, flowers and trees everywhere! Part of the forest was growing right there in the house she had built! It was a message that her fairy sisters needed her help, so she closed her eyes and made wish. 

"Fairy Blossom, Princess Rosie, Fairy Sylvie, if you can hear me come quick! There are lots of girls and boys here who believe in you. They can help you to save the Fairytale Friends forest....."

Learn more about The Fairy Treehouse!

thefairyhouse@fairytalefriends.co.uk | 020 3600 3848

50 Webbs Road, Battersea, London. SW11 6SF

07568 549178

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