nce   upon   a   time   in   an

 enchanted forest, a magical flower grew. As it opened it's petals on the first day of spring, a tiny baby lay sleeping inside. The Queen's wish had come true; a little sister for her daughter Rosie to play with.

"I think I'll call you Blossom" Said the Queen with delight.


Blossom and Rosie were best of friends, they did everything together. But as the sisters grew older Blossom noticed a change, she was growing a pair of wings right out of her back!

The magic flower had given her special powers to fly and cast spells. She could even talk to the flowers and the plants! With such a gift Blossom soon became the leader of the flower fairies and would cover the forest in beautiful blooms every spring.   


As the forest grew much bigger, the fairy dust began to run out! Not enough little girls and boys believed in fairies anymore for their magic to work.

Now Fairy Blossom needs your help! She must go in search of more children that believe in fairy magic. She will teach you all you need to know about being a real fairy, just like her.



Can you help Fairy Blossom save the

Enchanted Forest?

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