nce upon a time in the heart of an enchanted forest there lived a kind woodland fairy named Sylvie. "Hello Mr Squirrel how are you today?" Said Sylvie cheerfully.

"Very well thank you Sylvie" said the squirrel and scurried off to gather more acorns. Sylvie was a very special fairy, she could talk to the animals and even the trees!

Sylvie loved to play with her two big sisters, Fairy Blossom and Princess Rosie but being a curious fairy she was always getting into mischief! Like the time she gave Rosie's diamond tiara to Mr magpie to add to his collection! 

And the time that she found a lost little rabbit who was hungry and let him eat all of Blossom's freshly planted flowers! 


She always meant well and so her fairy sisters suggested that she should use her specials talents to teach little girls and about the forest and its magic. 


Would you like to learn about the forest with Sylvie?

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