Fairy House Birthday Party 

Returning when the human world allows...


The most special day for your little fairy. 

A Fairy Birthday is the most special of days; the day on which you become a fairy! 


Before the big day...

The Birthday Fairy will receive a fairy parcel in the mail with a letter personally inviting them to The Fairy House to celebrate! Tucked inside are some secret envelopes with all kind of wondrous things! You'll be able to learn spells, study our fairy map, design your Fairy Flower crown for the fairies to make for you and look after a special fairy Key...all within the count down to the big day! There'll be some special invitations to give to your friends too!

Your special day is here...

On your Fairy Birthday you'll be first to be greeted at the Fairy Door by a real life fairy!  They may even have some surprises wings waiting for you! Then it's time to greet your little guests (and big ones!) as you get ready for your adventure! 

 Learning to become a fairy is very exciting work! You'll get to dance, sing & treasure hunt your way around The Fairy House whilst the fairy brings a magical story to life! Uncover hidden treasures, make something to keep, learn how to use a wand, throw a penny in the wishing well and help the fairies with their potions! 

Fairy Nibbles & Cake

Little fairies & elves will enjoy butterfly shaped cheese savoury pastries with carrot & cucumber sticks and a juice drink whilst your Friendly Giant

 (grownup) can sip on flower teas and barista coffees in our delightful fairy tea room with rocking horse tables and a fairy den! The Fairy Baker has baked a batch of magical Birthday  Cupcakes (chosen by the birthday fairy!)  and will present them on our model cake of the Fairy House for a special birthday song and wish upon the birthday candle! 

Party Favours

The perfect way to end a Fairy House Party is to give your little guests something special to take home! The Fairies handmade the most lovely fairy gifts which the Birthday Fairy can choose their favourite one for their friends! 

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The fairies will perform and interact from a safe distance to your group. 

Fairy House Birthday Party

Returning when the human world allows...


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Christmas at The Fairy House 

Birthday Child £175

For the special Birthday Fairy

-A beautiful handmade fairy parcel in the mail with exciting magical envelopes of activities to open in the run up to the day!

- A private Fairy Greeting ahead of their friends arriving with some fairy wings waiting for them to find!

- A handmade fairy flower crown made from their own colour choice! 

- To become a fairy and have the most special adventure for their birthday!


Per additional child: £29

Minimum charge: Birthday child +3 friends (+ 2 supervising parents/carers)

Maximum: Birthday child +4 friends (+ 1 supervising parent/carer)

-Includes a printed invitation to give to each guest. 

-An unforgettable, magical experience.

-A fairy plate of cheese savoury butterfly pastry, carrot & cucumber sticks & apple juice. 

-Delicious Birthday Cupcakes made by the Fairy Baker!

-A unicorn hot chocolate or Fairy-Chino!

-A handmade Party Favour to take home.

Shared Birthday +£30

Share the magic with a special friend or sibling! Upgrade one of your friend places to another Birthday Fairy


Both Birthday fairies will get to design and receive a handmade fairy flower crown & wings

The private fairy greeting and invitations will be shared for a fun activity to do together!  

Fairy House Birthday Parties last 1hr30.

The Birthday Fairy will have an extra 10 minute special Fairy Encounter before the start. 

The fairies  provide everything for the party !

See Elf & Safety Guidelines for Fairy House Parties

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