Blossom is the sweetest of flower fairies, born inside a wishing flower which chose her special powers. Blossom loves to sing and dance with her fairy sisters and teach new friends how to become real fairies too! 

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Sylvie is an adventurous woodland fairy. She takes care of the tall oaks in the forest and can even speak to the animals and the leaves! Sylvie is the youngest of the fairy sisters and is always getting in mischief!

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Rosie is an enchanting fairy-princess with a sparkly diamond crown. She lives in a castle to guard the treasures of the forest. Rosie is a kind and gentle fairy who loves to tell stories about her unicorn and adventures to far away lands. 

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Hear how a girl named Katie came to build a fairy house in the heart of Battersea and why she needs some help from lots of girls and boys! 

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