nce   upon   a   time   in   a   land

far beyond the Enchanted Forest there lived a beautiful fairy princess called Rosie.

She had long silky hair and a big friendly smile. Rosie loved collecting flowers from the forest and braiding them into her hair.

She always had a tale to share with the woodland creatures too.


Stories were her favourite, so she carried her big pink story book everywhere that she went.


The King and Queen had arranged for Rosie to marry the extremely wealthy Prince Michael of Gloomy Wood.


Princes Michael was always so serious and didn't have time for fun and games, but Rosie loved to laugh and play.

Rosie was lonely at the castle, so she packed her bags, packed her story book, and set off on an adventure!


The woodland creatures, elves and magical flowers wished her luck as she went in search of her fairy sisters and new friends to share her stories with.

Perhaps you could be one of Rosie's new friends?


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