Our fairies love to make contact with human friends on her Fairy-Cam! She can send your little one a special message! Just let us know what you'd like it to be about.


Some magical ideas for your message...


A Happy Birthday message!

Well done at school.

Fairy advice for starting school and making new friends.

Their favourite bedtime story.

Answering fairy questions they've always wanted to know! 

Helping to be brave or to feel calm (fairy relaxation/mediation).

Fairy singing!


The video will be for 10 fairy minutes, just let us know anything you'd like us to mention. 

Or just leave it to us and we'll make up something magicaljust for you! 


We will sent you a link to view and download your video to keep once ready!


- Please note: Fairy-Cam personalised messages require up to 5 days notice (Please contact us via our contact page if your video is last minute or urgent). 

- Our Fairy-Cam messages are planned and prerecorded especially for you. We can not do live video calls due to the airwaves delay from the fairy world to the human word!

Personalised Birthday Message (1 weeks notice required)