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Did you ever want to know where fairies sleep, how they get into your house and how they travel between worlds? The fairies secrets have been guarded for hundreds of years, but now they want to share them... WITH YOU!! They are looking for a new Fairy Friend they can trust with these magical secrets and in return they will become your special fairy friend! 


A beautiful handmade activity pack full of 7 days worth of fun  and enchanting activities including craft making, games, singing & dancing, fairy house building and fairy letter writing. The activities are presented on card and in the form of fairy video tutorials to watch on our website with a secret code given to you!

MAGIC ALERT!! Includes a letter sent back to your home from a real life fairy friend!!


ages 4+

A unique and imaginative gift to help your inquisitive human understand and feel a part of the magical  world of fairies!



7 day Learn Fairy Secrets activity pack!

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