"One day in the forest an old witch cast a spell,

To stop the fairies making their good magic to sell.


She banished one fairy away into human land

The fairy's magic vanished, her wand fell from her hand.


Fairy Katie missed her sisters and so she built them a house,

Then silently one night without the stirring of a mouse...


Flowers started growing, vines and toadstools too!

The butterflies sent a message that was honest and true...


The forest was in trouble, its' magic running out!

Help was needed quickly, there was no time for doubt.


Katie called upon her sisters to visit the boys and girls,

They would learn how to brave, use a wand, and twirl!


Would you like to join in our Fairy Treehouse crew?

Fairy Blossom, Rosie and Sylvie are waiting here for you!"

Did you know? 


  • The Fairy Treehouse was built in the heart of Battersea by Katie and her partner Ben. 

  • Katie was once a fairy but an evil witch took away her magic. She is now human but has a special knowledge of the fairy world. Ben is most certainly human, although can often be mistaken for a tall elf! He spends many hours in his workshop writing music for the Fairy Treehouse and putting lots of magical plans in place!

  • There are 3 fairies who stay at the Fairy Treehouse: Fairy Blossom, Fairy Sylvie and Fairy-Princess Rosie. Special guests may come to visit for seasonal celebrations!


  • The FairyTreehouse is a magical forest room for parties and workshops to be held! We also have our delightful Fairytale Friends shop upstairs with a collection of fairy things!

How do you get into the Fairy Treehouse?

Anyone can visit our Fairytale Friends shop but to be transported into the Fairy Treehouse room the fairies have a magical key! They will sometimes give the key to a special birthday girl to invite her friends to visit the Fairy Treehouse too! 


I Spy...

The Fairytale Friends shop and Fairy Treehouse is home to lots of butterflies, can you count how many?

Fairy Blossom, Fairy Sylvie and Princess Rosie are hiding in the shop window display, can you spot them? There are more of their fairy friends there too!

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