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Fairy Birthday Invitations
Fairy Garden

After you book the magic begins!


The magic begins with a special fairy parcel in the mail! 

After booking a Fairy House Birthday Visit you will have received confirmation from the booking site. The Fairy House will send you a digital invitation via email which you can send via your human device to the grownups of the little fairies you'll be inviting to your Birthday Visit!

A little closer to the date of your visit you will receive a special box in the mail! Inside will be:

- Handmade printed invitation booklets and envelopes; already personalised with the Birthday fairy's name and visit details! All you need to do is add the guests' name! You'll also find rose petals to sprinkle inside and fairy stamps to decorate the envelope with to make delivering the a part of the magic! (Please note that you need a human stamp too if using a human post service!!). 

- You'll also discover some extra envelopes for just the Birthday Fairy to open. These count down to your visit with special magic to reveal in each one! Read a fairy story, play a fairy game, learn a spell and find a fairy key! The envelopes will tell you what day to open them on.

The day of your Birthday visit!

A special greeting & wings.

You and your fiends are invited to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your hour visit. We wish for the Birthday Fairy to be at the front of the group to open the Fairy Door, it's your special day and we'd love to say Happy Fairy Birthday to you first :) During this greeting you will meet a real fairy who will have name badges to give to your friends, You'll also meet some of our enchanted talking furniture! Winston the wardrobe will have some fairy wings for you and your fiends to wear and keep and magic wands too!

 This is also a lovely time to take lots of photos or videos of the children preparing for their adventure, so don't forget you flashy box 'friendly giants' - (that's fairy talk for grownups and 'camera'!!). Please be sure to arrive for this 15 entry time, as it will add to the magic of your visit.

Fairy Living room
Spring fairy

Meet a real fairy who will be your Fairy Training Teacher!

Your Fairy Training Birthday Visit is hosted by a real fairy who can't wait to get to know you! The Fairy House fairies created a magic potion that will make them grow big enough for you to see close up! There is a little fairy who stays tiny might be lucky enough to see her flying by!

Fairies are artistic folk and have many stories, dances, crafts & songs to share, all of which they have created for their little visitors. You won't hear them anywhere else in the human world!

 Their role in the human world is to protect magic...

Sometimes this magic will start to disappear and the fairies need some 'Fairies in Training' to put through their paces in order to help! The Birthday Fairy will help to lead their friends through the enchanting journey!

Fairy basement

Journey on a fairy Training Adventure

Dancing, exploring, challenges, crafts!

Your Fairy Training adventure will take place in the form of an immersive show, set to music and interactive lighting, with YOU at the heart of the adventure! It will involve dancing, singing, craft making and group challenges. The adventure changes with the season, so there's always new magic to explore! As you complete an adventure 'Undercover Fairies' will receive a stamp on their 2023 Magic License! 

Fairy tea
Fairy House Birthday cookies

Gift Bags & a tasty treat to take home

 All of the children will be given a Fairy House gift bag to take home from the Birthday Visit with a handmade Fairy House gift activity themed around the season you visit in! They will also take hoe their wings & wand!

All of our little visitors will also be awarded with a Fairy House designed iced biscuit to take home too! (Vegan Recipe).


Friendly Giants (Grown-ups)

At least one grown up is required to stay with your 'fairies in training' and enjoy the magic! You can use your flashy boxes to take photos! Grown-ups are welcome to help themselves to our own blend of Fairy Tea during the visit.


Fairy Tip: The experience is the most special and magical for the children when it's quiet in the house, as this means they won't miss any of the storyline or small details. 

Limiting the number of adults can help with this, If you do have quite a few grownups staying please help your little fairies in training by keeping voices low :)


Birthday Song & wish

Your Fairy Training Birthday visit will come to a close as the Birthday Fairy sits upon the Fairy Throne & we make a  wish! 


We will sing Happy Birthday and do a candle blowing on our model Fairy House which with the wave of a magic wand, curiously transforms into a biscuit tin! The children will take out a yummy Fairy House design iced biscuit to take home! 

Fairy House gift bags
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