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Fairy House Q & A 

What is The Fairy House?

The Fairy House is a magical house in London which your'e invited to explore!

It is homed to some human sized fairies thanks to a magic potion which makes them grow big enough for you to meet! There is a tiny fairy who lives inside the Fairy House lights, she can often be seen flying around the house!

The House once belonged to Grandma Willow & Poppy; you can read their story and how the house came into the hands of fairies here in the parcel we will send you before your visit!

The House as it stands today is a beautiful collision of two worlds; human meets fairy. Expect the unexpected as wardrobes, cuckoo clocks and pianos come to life, serenading you with songs and inviting you to dress up! Potions and spell books line the shelves, parcels and fairy letters pile up to the ceiling in post office and the basement protects the magic paintings; the portal between the fairy and human world! The fairies are fascinated by human things and they love to teach their little (and big) human visitors all about fairies!

The Fairy House fairies need your help to keep magic alive in the human world. If the magic levels drop they will call upon some special humans (you!) with an invitation in the mail to come and visit and complete your Fairy Training! 

The Fairy House also has a delightful  shop which is open for you exclusively at the end of your visit.

What do you do at The Fairy House?

Your visit will take you on an interactive 'Fairy Training' adventure around the house. You'll experience storytelling, dancing, solving puzzles, finding clues, mixing potions, waving wands and making crafts! The exact activities you do will depending on the time of year you visit as we change our visits with the seasons; meaning there's always new magic to be discovered. Your visit will be narrated and lead by a beautiful human sized fairy, introducing you to the enchanted inhabitants of the house and helping you with your given challenges! Set to original music and interactive lighting, prepare to be immersed and enchanted as you escape the human world.

What is Fairy Training?

The human world is missing magic....

The fairies call upon special humans to visit The Fairy House to help! There you will train to be fairies (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Christmas fairies) by solving puzzles, making potions, dancing, and  making crafts. Once Fairy Training is completed, Fairies in Training will graduate and re-enter the human world as 'Undercover fairies' - protecting magic for the fairies! Every time you complete one of the seasonal Fairy Training adventures, a stamp will be awarded on your 2024 Magic License! 

Do I need to book?

Yes. You can visit The Fairy House either by booking a Birthday Visit or Fairy Visit. All booking is done online only. We have a live booking site which means you can anytime of day or night! All of the availability that we have will be visible for you on our booking site. of a date isn't listed, it isn't available to book :) 

Who can come to The Fairy House?

Anyone with a love of magic!

Girls & boys enjoy our imaginative experience. We advise ages 2yrs up due to the levels of interactivity  but all ages are welcome! Little one's may need some extra grown-up help with their magic!1

Are the fairies real?

The fairies are real, as is everything in their house!

Children will have many perceptions of fairies from storybooks, films etc. To really bring them into our magical story, it helps if the children understand why some of our fairies will be big ahead of your visit. This will be explained in their invitation.


if you're worried about a more sceptical visitor, their visit is a lovely a chance for them to just enjoy the experience and challenges without the judgement of their peers.

The fairies address little humans and big humans in a magical manner, so please always address them as fairies too. If you believe, it helps to keep the magic alive for everyone :) 

How do I book?

Bookings for both Birthday Visits and for Fairy Visits are via our booking site. Here you can choose the type of visit you would like and select the date and time. We do not take phone or email bookings; Fairies & human technology isn't always the best pairing!! We do have a helpful fairy who can answer any queries via email if you don't find you answer here :) Book Birthday Visit / Book Fairy Visit

How many people can I book  for?

Fairy Training Birthday Visits are a private visit to the house and include the birthday child plus 5 children and an adult per child. (baby fairies don't need to be in the head count) We strictly can not add additional children. Our policy must remain the same and fairy for everyone booking. Not all 6 child places need to be filled if you rather have the experience all to yourself, or shared with a friend or two!

Fairy Training Fairy Visits are private visits to house and can be booked for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 children!

(One child can still attend if you'd like a 1 on 1 experience, (The minimum charge of 2 children will apply).

You select the number of children you are booking for on the booking page.

Under 1's can accompany free of charge.

What age can attend The Fairy House?

All ages are welcome to attend our Fairy Visits as we believe that magic should be enjoyed by everyone. (Our advisory age is 2yr+ due to the level of interactivity).

Under 1's can accompany free of charge with another paying adult & child however if you would like them to receive the gifts, they will need a place booking.

Our experiences are very interactive involving dancing, craft making & treasure hunting, therefore very young children will need plenty of help from their grownups. They are also very visually beautiful with colourful lighting, music, sounds and plenty of magical places to take photos around the house. There are many things you can take from the experience- whatever your age. 

There is no upper age limit for children attending The Fairy House, just a belief in magic and a love of fairies is required. At this current time, adults will need a child with them to attend our events as we have created the activities with this in mind. We do hope to develop experiences solely for adult groups in the future so watch this space!

For adults who you think may benefit from our fairy activities, please do get in touch as you would be most welcome to attend. 

**Please note that our experiences for both events and Birthdays transition between rooms in The Fairy House which are divided by stairs. Only one room in the house is pushchair and wheelchair accessible. These would need to be left at your table and not be taken around the house**

Do Friendly Giants (grown-ups) stay with the children?

Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all times. There must be at least one supervising adult with the group of children to accompany them for the duration. Adults are invited to join in the fun too, or can sit and watch and take photo with your flashy boxes!

- Fairy tip!

If you are happy to supervise your group, from experience we recommend that the fewer adults that stay the better the experience will be for the little fairies in training. It takes place in the form of and immersive and interactive show. There is A LOT of magic to take in and sounds to listen out for around the rooms that drive the story. Any talking in the back ground means these moments can be missed, or not fully taken in. The children are then less engaged in the story and overhearing 'human things' being talked about in the same room can really take them out of the fairytale world they've just been immersed into. We want this to be the most special experience it can be for your little ones. 

How long is the visit?

Out Birthday Visits and Fairy Visits are 1 hour long plus 15 minutes welcome time at the start to be greeted by your fairy, put on your wings and settle in to get ready for the interactive adventure! Lots of magic happens during your 15 minute welcome time, don't be late for it :) 

Do you have a tea room?

Since 2022 we no longer have a tea room at our current Fairy House. We wanted to use all of the house space, our effort and magic into creating the best and most imaginative adventures we can for you to enjoy! 

Do serve drinks, food or cake?

We don't serve food or cake at the Fairy House but all little fairies will receive a special Fairy House iced biscuit to take home at the end of their visit!

At Birthday visits we sing a special Fairy Birthday song for the birthday fairy before they make a wish, blow out a candle on our Fairy House model biscuit tin and we give out their fairy biscuits from inside with their gift bags to take home!

Mermaid lagoon water & Seasonal Fairy Tea will be available for little fairies and Friendly Giants (grownups) to help themselves to during their visit. 

Please don't bring any food or cakes to The Fairy House as we can't accommodate them into the visit. Every moment from arriving to leaving will be filled with magic!

We have some lovely neighbouring cafes and very close by on Northcotte Road are many delightful restaurants and bakeries if you're looking for lunch or dinner afterwards. 

Is The Fairy House wheelchair & pushchair accessible?

Due to the layout of our Victorian building, each room is divided by stairs and is not accessible to wheelchairs or pushers. Only the shop at ground level is accessible but still has a raised door step inside and a single door. There is not a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  

Space inside is very limited an pushchairs should be avoided being brought unless essential. They will need to access through the front door and be left at your table as you travel around the rest of the house. 

Is there somewhere to have lunch/dinner/cake before or after?

-We're very lucky to be situated in a beautiful area with lots of nearby eateries! If you're looking for somewhere to have lunch, cake or continue celebrating afterwards there are a couple of cafes down the road from us! The Deli Boutique cafe quite often have our groups book in with them. (They close at 3 on a Saturday & Sunday, so head there before us if you don't want to miss out then). Our street (Webbs Road) also runs adjacent to Northcote Road which is filled with lovely restaurants, cafes and boutique style shops. Everything from popular pizza places to independently run places offering all kinds of cuisine. (A favourite with locals is Buona Sera Italian and there is a Franco Manca pizzeria too). There is also a pizza express around a 15 minute walk away! (Popular with little humans!). If the weather is sunny, why not picnic on the nearby Clapham Common or head over to Battersea Park!  

What should I wear?

Anything that you feel will help you to enjoy the experience! If you'd like to dress up in your fairy attire this is definitely encouraged! Wings and wands will be provided for all of the children to keep! We suggest wearing comfy shoes as we'll be moving around a lot as we explore. Expect some fairy dancing too!

Do you provide wings and wands?

All children with a booked place will receive fairy wings and a wand to keep! 

Do you provide gift bags?

Yes! All of our visits include a gift bag for each child as a reward for passing their Fairy Training. It has a created Fairy House gift set in the theme of the Fairy Training season. We work hard to create gifts that are as eco friendly as possible, reusable, fairy trade and or ethically sourced. We're sorry we can not add additional items you might have into our own bags as it's important to the fairies that we stick to their values and protect the oceans and forest the best we can :) 

If you'd like to purchase additional gifts from our online Fairy Shop to give to any of the children at their visit you can drop us a message and we can arrange this! You can also purchase Fairy Money when you book which the children can spend in the gift shop at the end of their visit. (It unlocks special prices).

Can we take photos?

Yes absolutely, please do! We have lots of lovely spots for a photo and it's a great way to create memories! The fairies love to have their photos taken too, just snap away! 

Our favourite photos spots are; in front of the pink fairy door, on the fairy swing, by the butterfly wall and sitting the Fairy Throne!

We even have our own photos on that world wide human photo album..oh what's the word? Istagram!! @thefairyhouselondon so you can keep up to date with the magic! 

Where is The Fairy House and how do we get there?

You'll find us at 50 Webbs Road, London, SW11 6SF. We have two doors; the entrance is our pink fairy door to the side of our house on Bramfield Road, through our little fairy garden. The exit is our front glass door onto Webbs Road.

Our closet train station is Clapham Junction. Our nearest Tube station is Clapham South on the northern line. 

Do you have parking nearby?

We're on a residential street with meter parking. (It's free on Sundays!!). The surrounding residential streets also have meter parking. We are a hop skip and a jump away from Northcotte Road if you're going for food after or before and also a short walk to Clapham Common which has a children's park. 

Who owns The Fairy House?

The Fairytale Friends fairies!! 

Founded by Katie & Ben* a human friend to the fairies* We are a tiny team of artists, storytellers and musicians with a hope and a dream of creating a more magical world. 

What if we have the cancel our visit?

Please see our full cancellation policy here. 

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