Fairy House Q & A 

What is The Fairy House?

The Fairy House is a magical house in London which your'e invited to explore!


It's home to 100's of tiny fairies who live inside the lights and fly around the house to guide you! It's also homed to some human sized fairies too thanks to a magic potion which makes them grow big enough for you to meet!

The House once belonged to Grandma Willow & Poppy; you can read their story and how the house came into the hands of fairies here: 

The House as it stands today is a beautiful collision of two worlds; human meets fairy. Expect the unexpected as wardrobes, cuckoo clocks and pianos come to life, serenading you with songs and inviting you to dress up! Potions and spell books line the shelves, parcels and fairy letters pile up to the ceiling in post office and the basement protects the magic paintings; the portal between the fairy and human world! The fairies are fascinated by human things and they love to teach their little (and big) human visitors all about fairies!

The Fairy House fairies need your help to keep magic alive in the human world. If the magic levels drop they will call upon some special humans (you!) with an invitation in the mail to come and visit. 

The Fairy House also has a delightful tea room and shop which are open for you exclusively at the end of your visit.

What do you do at The Fairy House?

Your visit will take you on an interactive adventure around the house experiencing storytelling, dancing, solving puzzles, finding clues, mixing potions, waving wands and making crafts! The exact activities you do will depending on the time of year you visit as we change our experiences with the seasons; meaning there's always new magic to be discovered. Your visit will be narrated and lead by a beautiful human sized fairy, introducing you to the enchanted inhabitants of the house and helping you with your given challenges! Set to a back drop of music and lighting, prepare to be immersed and enchanted as you escape the human world.

Do I need to book?

Yes. You can visit The Fairy House either by booking a Birthday Party or Fairy Experience. Fairy Experiences can be booked via our Tickets page. 

Who can come to The Fairy House?

Anyone with a love of magic!

We host Birthday parties from a 3rd Birthday upwards. Younger children are welcome to attend our Fairy Experiences but will need some extra grown-up help with their magic!

Are the fairies real?

The fairies are real, as is everything in their house!

Children will have many perceptions of fairies from storybooks, films etc. To really bring them into our magical story, it helps if the children understand why some of our fairies will be big ahead of your visit. This will be explained in their invitation and for very curious fairy enthusiasts you can read more about The Fairy House Fairies here.


if you're worried about a more sceptical visitor, their visit is a lovely a chance for them to just enjoy the experience and challenges without the judgement of their peers.

The fairies address little humans and big humans in a magical manner, so please always address them as fairies too. If you believe, it helps to keep the magic alive for everyone :) 

How do I book A Fairy Experience?

Bookings are made via our Events Page Select the date and time you would like and then how many children's tickets. Groups are made up of one household/family/friendship group. You will need to book your whole group at the same time as the booking option will disappear once a ticket is selected to prevent other people from joining your group. 

There are two groups booked per time slot which will be socially distanced from each other in The House by alternating rooms.  

See below for Bookign a Birthday Party

How many people can I book an Experience for?

You can book for up to 4 children in your group. 

Up to 2 adults are included which each children's ticket, however your group must not exceed 6 people in total of any age.

Under 1's can accompany free of charge, but would still be counted in the total of 6. 

What age can attend The Fairy House?

All ages are welcome to attend our seasonal events as we believe that magic should be enjoyed by everyone.

Children age 1 + will need a ticket. Under 1's can accompany free of charge with another paying adult & child however if you would like them to receive the gifts, they will need a ticket.

Our experiences are very interactive involving dancing, craft making & treasure hunting, therefore very young children will need plenty of help from their grownups. They are also very visually beautiful with colourful lighting, music, sounds and plenty of magical places to take photos around the house. There are many things you can take from the experience- whatever your age. 

There is no upper age limit for children attending The Fairy House, just a belief in magic and a love of fairies is required. At this current time, adults will need a child with them to attend our events as we have created the activities with this in mind. We do hope to develop experiences solely for adult groups in the future so watch this space!

For adults who you think may benefit from our fairy activities, please do get in touch as you would be most welcome to attend. 

**Please note that our experiences for both events and Birthdays transition between rooms in The Fairy House which are divided by stairs. Only one room in the house is pushchair and wheelchair accessible. These would need to be left at your table and not be taken around the house**

Do adults stay with the children?

Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all times and must be accompanied for the duration. Adults are invited to join in the fun too, or can sit and watch; but must be fully supervising children at all times. 

Is there a waiting area for additional family members?

There is no waiting area at The Fairy House as we use all of our rooms as part of the experience. 

If you would like more family members of 6 to attend we would advise booking our Private Birthday Visit if you are celebrating a special occasion.

How long is the visit?

All of our seasonal events are 1 hour long. We will automatically reserve you a table in our tea room for a further 30 minutes for if you'd like to stay for Fairy Tea & Cake.

Can I book a table in the tea room?

At the end of your 1 hour visit we will automatically reserve you a table for if you'd like to stay for fairy drinks and cakes. We have a lovely selection of  These can be purchased individually from our seasonal drinks & cake menu.

See sample menu

We are not currently accepting bookings for tables only. 

Do you serve afternoon tea/ lunch

We are a cakes & drinks tea room. The Fairy Bakery has a delicious selection of Fairy Cupcakes and hand decorated seasonal biscuits. 

We have a whimsical choice of hot and cold drinks that look and takes magical! 

Do don't serve any savoury food.


See sample menu

Do you cater for dietary requirements in the tea room?

We have Oat and Soy milk alternatives for our drinks and a vegan hot chocolate. 

The Fairy Baker makes delicious vegan Cupcakes too! 

**All of our bakery items are baked in a bakery where nuts and all other allergens are present. We can not guarantee against traces of allergens in any of our products**

All products are subject to availability daily. 


See sample menu

Please contact us via email if you have any allergy related queries ahead of visiting us.

Is The Fairy House wheelchair & pushchair accessible?

Due to the layout of our Victorian building, each room is divided by stairs and is not accessible to wheelchairs or pushers. Only the Tea room

/shop at ground ground level is accessible but still has a raised door step inside and a single door.There is not a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  

Space inside is very limited an pushchairs should be avoided being brought unless essential. They will need to access through the front door and be left at your table as you travel around the rest of the house. 

What should I wear?

Anything that you feel will help you to enjoy the experience! If you'd like to dress up in your fairy attire this is definitely encouraged! Children will receive fairy wings to keep as part of the experience and there will be dress up wings, wands and head pieces for children and adults during your visit. We suggest wearing comfy shoes as we'll be moving around a lot as we explore. Expect some fairy dancing too!

Can we take photos?

Yes absolutely, please do! We have lots of lovely spots for a photo and it's a great way to create memories! The fairies love to have their photos taken too, just snap away! 

Our favourite photos spots are; in front of the pink fairy door, on the fairy swing, by the butterfly wall and sitting the Fairy Throne!

We even have our own photos on that world wide human photo album..oh what's the word? Istagram!! @thefairyhouselondon so you can keep up to date with the magic! 

Do you accept walk-ins?

All of our events must be pre-booked as we personalise the experience for you with handmade elements. If we do not have an event taking place, our Tea Room will be open for walk-ins and takeaways as well as our Fairy Shop. These hours will be limited, but please email us if you are wanting to pop by and we can advise on opening hours. Please note that our availability changes daily and so if you are planning a trip specially to us, we advise you booking tickets to one of our events.

What payments do you accept?

Birthday bookings and event tickets are to be pain for online in full via card payment. We do not accept bank transfers, cash or cheque. 

Our Tea Room and shop accepts card payment and Fairy Money. Drinks & Cakes can be paid for at the end of your visit by either card or with our own currency; Fairy Money! This can be purchased ahead of your visit from our online Fairy Shop.

Who owns The Fairy House?

The Fairytale Friends fairies!! 

Founded by Katie & Ben* a human friend to the fairies* We are a tiny team of artists, storytellers and musicians with a hope and a dream of creating a more magical world. 

What if we have the cancel our visit?

We are excited to be offering flexible booking, meaning if you have to cancel you will have Fairy House Credit to change your visit to a future date. please see our full cancellation policy here. 

What  happens if we can't attend our visit due to Covid-19 or if we enter another lockdown?

We are excited to be offering flexible booking to help you to plan with reassurance. Please see our full cancellation policy. 

What  happens if  the government rules don't allow us to attend with who we booked with?

We are excited to be offering flexible booking, meaning you can change your visit to a future date, or you can separate your group into different sessions subject to availability. 

Is there parking at The Fairy House?

If you need a spot to park your car or unicorn; meter parking can be found along Webbs Road and some of our neighbouring streets. The parking is free of charge on Sundays. We always advise leaving extra time to secure a spot, so you aren't rushing into your visit.

What's the nearest tube or train station?

Clapham Junction is the nearest train station which has quick links to Waterloo, London Victoria and trains to Surrey, Essex and Brighton amongst others. Our closest Tube Stations are Clapham South and Clapham Common which are on the Northern Line.. 

Are there any nice restaurants nearby?

Webbs Road run adjacent to Northcotte Road in Battersea. Here you'll find a long strip of restaurants with many independent eateries and some lovely boutiques too. We are also a short walk away from Clapham Common, or if you'd like to go exploring; Battersea Park is one of the fairies' favourite spots in London.


Fairy House Q & A for  Birthday  Parties


What is a  Fairy House Birthday?

The whole Fairy House is reserved just for you and your friends! Enjoy a special experience all to yourselves with the birthday child at the heart of the adventure! Interactive challenges, dancing and craft making take place around the house with a beautiful life sized fairy to bring the story to life! 

What happens at a Birthday visit?

The visit is designed with the Birthday child at the forefront, it is their special day after all! The fairies will have all kind of wondrous things in store to help them with their magic and all visits will include storytelling, dancing, craft making and challenges, narrated by the fairies and set to our Fairy House songs in our beautifully immersive setting.

The fairies understand that each little fairy-in-training is different and so they will be able to tell the fairies what they would like to learn most ahead of their special day! This might be which craft they'd like to make and whether they'd like more game-like challenges or clues based challenges and mystery solving, more dancing or more hands on challenges like potion making! This way we are able to adapt the experience for different ages and ensure the Birthday girl or boy is doing their favourite fairy things!

A magical personalisation form will be sent to you ahead of the day to select these choices.  

What's included?

- The magic begins with a fairy parcel in the post for the Birthday girl or boy with a special invitation from the fairies to come to the house to celebrate their birthday! The parcel is beautifully packaged with a selection of envelopes to open, revealing fairy secrets, stories, spells, and a fairy friendship key to look after.

- A 15 minute Birthday Welcome for the Birthday girl or boy before the visit officially begins will give your little human a chance to settle in and become acquainted with their new fairy friend as they get to know one another. You can also capture the moment they meet a real fairy on camera too!

- An hour long adventure exploring the fairy house with dancing, craft making, games and challenges! The Birthday child will be able to personalise their visit before the day by selecting which craft they would like the fairies to teach them and which activities they'd enjoy learning most!

- Ahead of the day, the Birthday girl or boy will be asked to colour in their own fairy flower crown. At the end of the experience, the fairies will present this crown- made from the most beautiful silk flowers for them to keep! 

- A 30 minute Fairy Tea Party in our tea room where the children will each get to choose a magical drink and cake. We will sing Happy Birthday and have photo opportunities. 

(Grownups are able to purchase any drinks or cake they would like from our menu, or we can set a tab for you).

- The Birthday child and any little guest attending will receive a Fairy House gift bag with a handmade Birthday favour chosen by you ahead of the special day! 

How long does a Fairy House Birthday last?

1 hr 30 (plus an extra 15 minutes at the start for the Birthday child)

- A 15 minute Birthday Welcome for the Birthday girl or boy before the visit officially begins will give your little human a chance to settle in and become acquainted with their new fairy friend as they get to know one another.

-A 1 hour magical Birthday experience takes you around the house; singing dancing, craft making and solving challenges along the way.

- 30 minutes for fairy nibbles, tea & cake! We'll reserve our tea room just for you where you can enjoy delicious drinks & fairy Birthday cupcakes!

Little fairies will love picking their favourite magical treat; perhaps a Unicorn Hot Chocolate or fairy-chino... Grownups can indulge too with a lavender lemonade or maybe a rose latte! We have lots of choice, see sample menu

How do I book a Birthday?

 First fill in our date checker  on the Birthday page, we'll let you know our availability and if you'd like to book we'll send you our magical booking form! 

How to I pay?

The £195 is taken upon booking which includes the place of the Birthday Child. The £29 per child is taken a week before the party once you confirm numbers. 

How many children can attend a Birthday?

Fairy House Birthdays are for up to 13 children including the birthday child.

Can siblings attend?

They will need to be counted as one of your guests if they will be taking part and would like the nibbles, cake, drink and gift bag. Under 1years can observe for free. It's not suitable for guests to bring siblings along unless they are counted as a guest. This is for the health & safety of those attending and of our fairies whilst performing.

How many adults can attend a Birthday?

Our maximum capacity is 13 children and 14 adults. We recommend fewer adults attend wherever possible to give the children the most magical experience. (Whilst we want everyone to have fun, too many grownups can create a lot of background noise and detract the children's focus, taking away the special intimate moments of the magic).

What do I need to bring to the Birthday?

Nothing! Well- just yourself, the special Birthday visitor and a flashy box!-(fairy word for camera!).

There will be a few things we'll ask you to share with us before the day including a personalisation form with the names of the attendees, some fun facts about our Birthday visitor and their choices of things to make their visit special. Also their flower crown design for us to make! Other than that, leave the rest to us! We're magic for a reason ;)

Can we bring our own food and drink for a Birthday?

We don't permit any food or drink to be brought into The Fairy House including alcohol.


After your adventure around The Fairy House the fairies will serve butterfly shaped cheese pastries and crudités in our fairy tea room! We have a unique selection of hot and cold drinks; all with a magical twist for the children to choose! We also have a selection of  delicious Cupcakes baked by our very own Fairy Baker and decorated with our signature fairies on top! The children will enjoy their savoury nibbles, a magical drink and a Birthday cupcake each! We will put a Birthday number candle on the birthday child's chosen cupcake for a special Birthday sing-along and photos! 

Grownups can purchase drinks & cakes for themselves individually or we can set up a tab for you. 

What is Fairy Money?

Fairy Money is our own custom made currency to be spent at The Fairy House in our Tea Room or Shop! It makes choosing treats all part of the magical experience for with little and big humans! It also encourages little humans to choose carefully what they'd like their treasured money to be spent on.

You can add Fairy Money to private Birthday Bookings at the point of booking, when you submit your final details form before the visit, or you can purchase it as a gift for someone from our Fairy Shop! 

Can we book The Fairy House for longer?

All Birthday visits are a 1 hour 30 experience plus a 15 minute birthday greeting for the birthday child. Our visits our specially planned out to create the best experience for our human visitors; ensuring the magic stays exciting and engaging throughout for the children. 

What if we have the cancel our booking?

We are excited to be offering flexible booking. Should you need to cancel your booking you will have Fairy House Credit to the value paid upon booking. This can be used to either reschedule your Birthday visit or to use at any of our seasonal events, tearoom or shop, Please see our full cancellation policy here. 

What  happens if we can't attend our visit due to Covid-19 or if we enter another lockdown?

We are excited to be offering flexible booking to help you to plan with reassurance. Please see our full cancellation policy.