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Once upon a time a little girl called Poppy lived in The Fairy House with her Grandma Willow. Of course back then it was just a classic old London house, but nevertheless there was something extraordinary about it. Something magical that you couldn’t exactly put your finger on. At night you could see little flashes of light through the curtains, sometimes you could hear what sounded like tiny little bells as you walked passed.

the story of the fairy house banner

Grandma Willow and Poppy would have adventures in the garden. They would dress up in different outfits from Grandma's wardrobe, and they would paint. Do you like to paint? In fact Grandma Willow was a painter! She would paint giant pictures of the adventures she had in her lifetime and told Poppy of all the wondrous things she’d seen. Poppy was curious where these lands were and how a Grandma would get there. She was old and couldn’t walk far!

Poppy’s favourite thing to paint were pebbles, her and grandma would scatter them along the garden path. The one of the blue butterfly was Poppy's favourite.

On the back it had written; “be brave, be kind and always follow you dreams”. The day they painted this one was the last time they painted together, poppy always remembered those special words.

fairy swing
fairy pebbles
the fairy house drawing

One night Poppy woke up at the stroke of midnight, unable to sleep and so she tiptoed down to look at Grandma’s paintings ion the basement.

She stood up, taking in every detail, she ran her fingers across the texture in the paint. Something happened….

Her fingers seemed to disappear into the painting! She pulled them out quickly and they were tingling, as if alive with magic! This time she put her hand flat against the painting and pushed. Her whole arm went through! She could feel the heat of the gentle sun on the other side and grabbed hold of what felt like a leaf!! Poppy felt alive with excitement, remembering g her grandma’s words to be brave- she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and ran straight at the painting!

Lawrence the cuckoo
magic painting

What Poppy discovered was The Fairytale Friends Forest. An enchanted land surrounded by a lagoon. It was home to pixies, elves, gnomes and Unicorns and was looked after by a family of Fairies. One of them was me!

unicorn drawing

Poppy became the best of friends with the fairies, having many adventures! She learnt how the human world was missing magic and that without it the fairy forest might disappear if people stopped believing! Poppy decided to help the fairies and became a fairy in training.

By Fairy Katie 

fairy blossom

Today Fairy House invites you to explore the magic that lies within! 

It was taken over by a family of fairies named Blossom, Sylvie & Rosie. They can sometimes be seen around the house in their tiny fairy form. Myself and Fairy Violet have a magic potion to make us grown big, so we can guide you around our home! It's our mission to restore magic in the human world.

Do you think you can help the fairies?

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