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A Fairy Training  Birthday Visit is a very special day; the day when you become a fairy!

It doesn't have to be your actual human Birthday for you to be a 'Birthday Fairy' at The Fairy House. Your Fairy Birthday can be anytime you would like to celebrate you!

 Enjoy The Fairy House all to yourselves as you journey on a magical Fairy Training adventure with your friends, exploring the fairies' home and perfecting your fairy skills! The Fairy Training changes for Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Christmas! 

Before your visit...

The Birthday Fairy will receive a beautiful parcel in the mail, inviting them to The Fairy House! Tucked inside are handmade invitations to send out and some secret envelopes revealing all kind of wondrous things! You'll be able to learn a spell, songs, read a fairy story and look after a Fairy Key in preparation for your visit! 

The invitations & booklet design changes with the Fairy House seasons of Winter, Spring, SummerAutumn & Christmas.

Birthday Fairy Parcel

What happens during your Birthday Visit...

On the day of your Fairy Birthday Visit you'll be greeted at the Fairy Door by a real life fairy who can't wait to meet you! 

spring fairy door

Being a fairy in training is very exciting work! You and your friends will be given your own wings and wand to keep! These will help you to dance, sing & explore your way around The Fairy House whilst a fairy brings a magical story to life! The house comes alive with the glow of 100's of twinkling lights above your heads and enchanting music fills the air, composed by the fairies themselves! During your fairy training; you'll uncover hidden treasures, make a craft to keep, learn how to use a wand, and help the fairies with their potions or spells! The fairies have challenges for humans small and big, encouraging team work and friendship. All they need is for you to believe in magic!

The Butterfly walkway

Singing Happy Birthday & Fairy House cookies...

 Your visit will come to a close as we sing Happy Fairy Birthday and make a Birthday wish upon on our mini Fairy House with a candle to blow out! With a little spell, the roof magically lifts off to reveal iced Fairy House cookies inside as a tasty treat to take home! (Vegan recipe & no nuts).

There is no food or cake at our Fairy Training Birthday or Fairy Visits, we pack every moment with making magic! 

We have some suggestions for the local area if your re looking to go for food/cake after or before your visit! 

Fairy House Birthday visits change with the season reflecting the fairy Training adventure and the theming of the house! You can see which Fairy House season your Birthday falls into on our booking page! 

Let us guide you through a Birthday Visit:

View Fairy Training Birthday Visit Guide

The Fairy House Birthday cookies

To take home from your visit...

The perfect reward for helping the fairies with their magic is a special handmade gift to treasure.

Every child will take home their wings, a wand, the craft they make, a Fairy House biscuit and a Fairy House House gift bag.

Fairy House gift set

Fairy Training Birthday Visit 


Includes the Birthday Fairy plus 5 children.

Fairy Birthday visits are a private visit for your group exclusively.

The Birthday visit is for up to 6 children. It is not possible to add more children. 

We recommend the visit for children age 2 upwards due to the level of interactivity. There is no upper age limit for children, just a belief in fairies and magic!

We are for girls and boys who have a love and belief in magic.

Included with your Fairy Training Birthday Visit 

Before the visit

 A Birthday parcel in the post with handmade invitations and a Birthday booklet of magical activities with special treat for the Birthday Fairy.

During your visit

Fairy House wings for each child to wear & keep

An interactive experience filled with music, storytellingdancingchallenges and craft making hosted by a real fairy.

To take home from your visit

A gift bag with a handmade Fairy House gift set for each child 

Fairy House wings for each child

Fairy House Wand for each child

A Fairy House iced biscuit for each child to take home (vegan recipe)

 Everything you'll see and receive is designed and created by the Fairy House for a truly one of a kind experience to share the love we have for magic with you.

Let us guide you through a Birthday Visit:

View Fairy Training Birthday Visit Guide

How to book a Birthday Visit?

All bookings for Birthday Visits is directly via our event site.

Here you will see all dates available, be able to select your time slot and book your visit!

Currently booking March-1st September. 

What happens after you book?

1. You will receive auto-confirmation of your booking from our event site. 

2. The Fairy House will send you a digital invitation

3. The Fairy House will send a special Fairy Parcel in the mail. We'll advise you when it will be posted.

4. A week before your visit you will be sent a form to upload your guest list so that the fairies know who will be visiting us with the Birthday Fairy!

5. Time visit us for a magical adventure at The Fairy House!

How does The Fairy House change at the time of year you visit?

The Fairy House decor changes with the seasons and so does the Fairy Training  adventure. You can view each season below!

Winter Fairy Training logo
Fairy Training Mail
Spring Fairy Training logo
Fairy Garden
Summer Fairy Training logo
The Fairy Basement
Autumn Fairy Training logo
Autumn at The Fairy House
Christmas Fairy Training logo
Christmas Fairy
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