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When Poppy ran through the magic painting at The Fairy House, she entered a place called The Fairytale Friends Forest. The forest was surrounded by a mermaid lagoon and home to pixies, elves, gnomes and Unicorns! The forest is protected by a family of fairies called the Fairytale Friends fairies. 

This fairy family is unique! Un-related by birth the fairies choose to stick together, sharing a common interest of creating a better world for everyone. They believe that magic holds the key.

Poppy and the fairies become the best of friends, teaching each other about London and the Fairytale Friends Forest. The Fairy House becomes their secret passage way between these lands which only the fairies and Poppy can use. 

Fairytale Friends Forest Map

Let me tell you about the first three fairies Poppy met when she ran through the magic painting.

Did you ever wonder how the cherry blossom appears in the spring and why is smells so sweet? 

It takes 100's of little flower fairies to welcome in the season of new beginnings, bringing life to your surroundings. 

Fairy Blossom is one of these special flower fairies. Born inside a purple flower

her talent is mixing potions with all of the delicate flower petals.

She also holds the fairy world record creating the worlds longest daisy chain, it was 3000FF (fairy footsteps) long! Fairy Blossom can create a magic wand by hand out of just about any flowers and takes patience in teaching others how to use their magic to their potential. Blossom is a loyal friend to Poppy and taught her how to be become an 'undercover fairy'. Perhaps she could teach you too?


Fairy Blossom name
Fairy Blossom

A Fairy Princess descends from royalty. They should be gentle and kind, taking on the responsibility of caring for the elder elves and fairies in the forest. Princess Rosie is all of those things, BUT...she likes to do things her own way too! After running away to escape an arranged marriage to Prince Michael of Gloomy Wood; (Possibly the most miserable Prince who ever lived), she arrived at The Fairytale Friends Forest where she was taken in by the Queen. Rosie's favourite things are to write and share stories; she's fascinated by humans and how they live in the human world. She often sneeks through the magic paintings in the castle at night, which lead to the Fairy House and out into the human world! She disguises herself in human clothes and tries out 'human life' to learn more. Then she tells the tales of what she discovered to the animals and other fairy folk in the forest. Rosie's secret power is transforming into a Unicorn, it was in her unicorn form that she first met Poppy from the Fairy House!

Fairy Rose name
Fairy Rosie

If you look up high to the tallest Oak tree you might spot a fairy with golden leaf wings, swinging her legs from a  branch, sitting next to her human friend Poppy! Fairy Sylvie is a Woodland Fairy as the named Sylvie means 'from the forest'. Sylvie is no stranger to the wilderness as she was raised by a family of squirrels! Squirrel-ish is actually her first language! The most competitive of her sisters, you may find Sylvie racing rafts with her best friend Fairy Fin down rainbow falls, or leaping hedges with the deer. Sylvie's spirit animal is a red squirrel but she can morph herself into just about any creature If she needs a quick disguise! 

Just like when the squirrels pinch Nimble Gnomes' acorns, Sylvie has often gotten herself into trouble with the Fairy Queen. Like the time she gave Rosie's tiara to a magpie, or the time she let Bertie bunny eat Blossom's flower patch or the time....

Fairy Sylvie name
Fairy Sylvie
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